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A Reversible Mistake
Fans of Jo and Laurie
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7th-Jan-2012 10:52 pm - New fan fic community
Hi all! I've just started a community for writing and sharing Little Women fan fic. It's called littlewomen_fic, and what it needs most is members. Writing about all characters and all pairings is welcome, and there will also be discussion and hopefully some fun challenges.
30th-Jan-2011 11:01 pm - fic: your mouth was a trap door.
JANE | every other freckle
your mouth was a trap door.
little women.
modern! au. for falseeeyelashes. 4300 words. r. misbegotten endings, love letters that never got written and always, always the road never taken. together, they burn brighter than she ever could alone.

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21st-Jan-2011 05:08 pm - Looking for prompts?
I know I can't be the only one who likes writing fanfiction prompts.

Every holiday season there is a rare fandom fanfiction writing fest known as yuletide. I'm sure some of you have heard of it. Little Women is, I would say, a medium rare fandom. There are a lot of fandoms that only one or two people on the entire internet seem to know (much less bother to write fics about), while Little Women is a fairly well children's book. This year there were nine requests for Little Women stories, four of which were for Jo Laurie fic.

I'm posting all of the requests (Jo/Laurie and otherwise) under the cut, in hopes of spreading the Little Women love. <3 If you decide to write a story, you should join the Archive of our Own. When posting, there's a place where you can specify that the story is a gift, and who it is for. There's also a place where you can specify a collection that your story is part of -- in this case, you'd want to specify New Years Resolutions 2011.

You can also go here to look at all the fun not-little-women prompts, of which there are about a bazillion.

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Christian New
 the second (and final, and rather short) chapter...here
rory and jess.

Fic : Little Women
Title : You Talk Religion But She Won't Convert
Ship : Jo/Laurie
Words :
Word is messed up so I'm not sure but under a 1000
Rating : R ? There's sexual content

Note : This came about after I watched the movie and cried and cried for those two strange kids. Please do comment if you like this.

It's the middle ground they find not a happily ever after.


Vampire Studies

So it seems there are two new supernatural Little Women books out, following the Pride and Prejudice and zombie trend.  They are:

Little Vampire Women

Little Women and Werewolves

Reviews seem to indicate that each book has at least some Jo/Laurie action. 

So, my questions -- Has anybody read them?  Does anyone plan to?  Does the very idea of these books horrify you (not in a good way) or amuse you?  

Christian New
 My firts time posting a fanfiction here...obviously a Jo/Laurie fic!!!
Just take a look here and tell me what you think about it...I'm open to constructive criticism!
Bruce Wayne: Smirking
I promised I would write this and so I shall. Don't every say I don't keep my promises, fandom. ;)

Title: Bits and Baubles
Fandom: Little Women
Characters/Pairings: Jo/Laurie
Rating: PG-13, Innuendo
Summary: Laurie was not exactly a stranger to making a fool of himself. It had just never happened to coincide with ladies' underwear before.

'Jo,' Laurie began pleasantly enough. 'Do you happen to know how many words are in the English language?'

Here's the deal -- I'm in the process of writing an AU from Beth's point of view, about what her life would be like if she never got scarlet fever, and was able to grow up an experience life.  I gave the fever to Jo instead, and I meant for her struggles to be somewhat of a side plot.  Alas, they've more or less taken over the most recent chapter, as has her relationship with Laurie.  Thus I'm posting that chapter here, as a one shot.  I've you'd like to read the other two, more truly Beth-centric chapters, you can go here:  http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6106982/1/Five_Unlived_Stories_for_Beth_March

And if you just want to read about Laurie and Jo, as seen through Beth's eyes, click on the cut!  And let me know what you think. 

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4th-Jul-2010 01:45 am - Fic: There's A Possibility
There's A Possibility
Summary: Little Women/Doctor Who crossover. If Jo fell instead of Amy and another man helped pull her out.
Rating: General.
Pairing: Jo/Laurie, 11th Doctor, Amy, Amy Pond
Genre: Drama, General

Always wanted to try out these two fandoms at once and i guess this is what's happened... Another take on 'Oh We Falled' i guess you could say.
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